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Alana Bograd, Colin Keefe and Sarah Laing
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Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art is pleased to present Organon an exhibition of drawings by Alana Bograd, Colin Keefe, and Sarah Laing. Each of these artists use drawing to explore the biological circumstances that surround and embodies us. For this exhibition, Organon refers to a set of tools that support the process of investigation.


Alana Bograd's series of drawings titled Biophilia, investigate the human form " explore the limits of our subconscious connections to nature." Her morphed figures are spliced specimens of plant and human parts. Both playful and surreal, they point towards the notion that we are all just a collection of tissues.


Colin Keefe's pen and ink drawings are top down inquiries of cities grown using organic models. Referencing Petri dishes and urban construction, his images examine the biological construction of ourselves and the physical constructions that we surround ourselves with.


Sarah Laing's drawings explore the struggle of existence via images of biological and/or geological masses. Laing's images show bent and twisting masses yearning to survive the journey of life. Laing is "interested in imagery that at first appears fantastical, but on closer inspection, reveal a representation of real circumstance: a tenuous grasp on existence where we sit between the foils of potential and the opening of new realms."


Organon opens on Saturday, May 5th with an opening reception with the artists from
6 - 9 pm. The exhibition closes Saturday May 26th 2012



173 West Girard Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19123